Ayankoko is David Vilayleck, who is French with Laotian roots. Ayankoko is a solo project which embraces experimental, concrete, sound art, noise, live electronics and free improvisation. With a musical background as guitarist-improviser, the project is an ever-evolving thing which questions the ear about sound perception, its raw nature, the definition of music and the concept of ugly-beauty.


"Hailing from Lao is ‘Ayankoko’ who manages to bring the classically folkish psychedelic culture rock to the modern world, creating a superb class of electronic cut-up material and traditionalism that feels super trippy. A rhythmic fest with mellowness and excitement at the same time!" 

By Yeah I know it sucks



"Laotian outfit Ayankoko crafts an electrified molam track full of insane noodled wig out jamming."

By The Quietus