LAFIDKI (feat SAMIN SON) - Moto Doppel Gang 모토독 갱 [Official Video]

From the debut full length LAFIDKI "Chinabot" out on Chinabot, Memory no. 36 recordings and We be friends, 8th September 2017. Music Video by Saphy Vong _____________________________________________________________

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Lafidki's debut album Chinabot will be out September 8th digitally and on 12" vinyl.

Lafidki's debut album Chinabot will be out September 8th digitally and on 12" vinyl. Co-released by Memory No. 36 RecordingsChinabot, and We Be Friends. Pre-Order from Bandcamp...

1. Mount TV Poison
2. Onsen with Hun Sen 「フン・センと温泉」 (featN T s K i)
3. Thai Hierontai นวดไทย (feat Ayankoko)
4. Dokkaebi 哥布林 (feat chunyin)
5. Moto Doppel Gang 모토독 갱 (feat Samin Son Studio)
6. Khao I Dang
7. Lafidki - Lath Kuy ឡាត់ គុយ (feat Sophie Thekla Ek)
8. Kniom Nahn


"Lafidki is London-based Cambodian expat Saphy Vong, a musician and artist with a strong focus on shifting and expanding the “dialogue surrounding Asian music” — a goal he pursues generally but in particular through his imprint Chinabot. From their collective description: “In 2017, a digital diaspora community, a multi-disciplinary label and network of Asian artists decided to cooperate on a new way to collect and promote exciting Asian music . . . In the most literal sense: we want to make a new stereo-type.” Vong’s early life in a refugee camp underscores his focus and that perspective seems animated across his work, reflecting a larger “experience” that the whole network explores and supports. Read the rest of their mission statement here.

It’s through Chinabot and a pair of American labels, We Be Friends and Memory No. 36 Recordings, that Lafidki offers his debut long-player — named Chinabot, actually. The audio influences here seem to some extent derived from his experience of expanding studio capacity, though he also cites the “emerging beat scene in the east” and fully half of the album seems formed at least partially in collaboration with contributors from all across East Asia: Ayankoko (Lao), Chunyin (Hong Kong), Samin Son (South Korea) and Ntski (Japan). That techno-savvy hyperrealist bent is emphasized throughout, most often with a suite of organic sounds and textural novelties. For his collaboration with Chunyin, “Dokkaebi 哥布林,” Vong produced a homemade accompaniment that doubles down on that bent with an ecstatic vision of layered, psychedelic eye-skronk and futuristic ephemera.

Look for Chinabot digitally in June and on vinyl in September via the labels above. " Via Decoder Magazine

Chinabot-PhAntom force compilation

Chinabot - Phantom Force

A compilation available on tape C90 and free digital out on Chinabot, June 5th 2017.

Phantom Force  is the first compilation to be released on Chinabot, collating unreleased contemporary and traditional tracks from asian artists.

Featuring Tembok kamar dinding sekolah, Dagshenma, Fauxe, Pisitakun, Gamelan Angklung, Samin Son, Lujiachi, Jungjunyung, Ayankoko, Sonia Calico, Tampuan Community, Space360,Tengger, Vacacamp, Xanthe Yang, Zeekos Perakos, T4CKY, Bunong, Lafidki, Stabilo and Dj Logitech