Dângrêk Mountains - [CHI005]


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Dângrêk Mountains is a new series of split cassettes which combine a band from one side of a border with another band from the other side.

It's an introduction to several artists from countries in Asia which had disputes over some specific border areas in the past and present. It shows how these violent conflicts generate a greener, more peaceful area, such as a demilitarised zone, which contrasts overgrown vegetation and wires with observation posts and armed soldiers. The wildlife becomes richer because the land is unsafe for construction and less exposed to human disturbances; silence surrounds this environment. Instead of fighting, we're recreating soundscapes and sharing a release together.

The name of this first split is "Dângrêk Mountains," the name of the border where Thailand, Laos and Cambodia intersect. The intensity of the border clashes contrasts with its nature and wildlife. Preah Vihear Temple, a contested religious site on the Thai-Cambodian part of the Dângrêk Mountains border, has become quite symbolic of the history of conflict between the two countries.

Artists: Lafidki - Ayankoko - Pisitakun
Album: Dângrêk Mountains
Format: Cassette / Digital
Cat.No: CHI005
Master: Brian Pyle
Release Date: 09 March 2018