Saneopseonjip 산업선집

by Pal Hwang Dan

Artist: Pal Hwang Dan
Album: Saneopseonjip 산업선집
Format: Cassette / Digital
Cat.No: CHI006
Master: Pal Hwang Dan
Artwork: Saphy Vong
Release Date: 25 April 2018

“Saneopseonjip 산업선집” is the first darkly disorienting industrial dream-pop album from the South Korean artist Pal Hwang Dan from Jungchon.

"This album is a mix of experimentations, pop songs and soundtracks for animations, all of which have a cold feeling, I hate winter in Seoul. That is why I am inspired by the cold.. Many of my songs have a metallic texture. The actual metal objects were recorded instead of percussion, and synthesized, Drawing from industrial, Hypnagogic pop and video game music, it conjures up a world of uneasy futurism, where despair lurks behind a shiny pop sensibility with dancefloor experiments.. "

His high-energy beats are a nod to contemporary K-Pop, while warm, melancholy synths recall John Maus, James ferraro, Molly Nilsson, Dean Blunt or Jaakko Eino Kalevi, as well as catchy 80s Korean pop hits or anime soundtracks.

The album title translates as “Industrial Selections,” a nod to the album’s language of distorted beats and lo-fi experimentation. Yet this is counterbalanced by his irresistible melodic sense and whispered vocals, creating a record at once aggressive and vulnerable. 

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