Daghenma - Sou​-​gon 荘厳 (CHI 3)

by Dagshenma

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Kyoto electronic error-ist Higuchi Eitaro’s operating under the Dagshenma alias since the early ’00s, driven by electronic music’s early concrète construction as much as by late-period Oval-esque deconstruction like gristly 8-bit electro, like malfeasant robo-jazz, elsewhere a glitchy’n’scratchy funk replicant colluding with an instrumental hiphop mutant in a bizarre love triangle.


Lafidki - Chinabot (CHI 2)

by Lafidki

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"London-based Cambodian beatmaker turned his latest record into a showcase of sorts for a broad coterie of aspiring Asian musicians. The result is an inspiring, vexing, turn-on-a-dime mix of influences, memories and throttle-held groove." Tome to the weather machine


Chinabot - Phantom Force (CHI 1)

by Chinabot

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Phantom Force is the first compilation to be released on Chinabot, an imprint collating unreleased contemporary and traditional tracks from Asian artists.

The compilation is an invigorating survey of what’s going on in some of Asian music’s obscure corners. Mixing selections from artists who come from all around the continent but are mostly little-known, Phantom Force manages to be simultaneously an introduction to new voices and a deeply satisfying 90-minute mix that hangs together as an album.

Each piece of the 90-minute compilation has its own unique identity, moving through traditional and contemporary sounds.

There are some fields recording of Bunong, Tampuan Community and Gamelan Angklung by Julien Hairon | Les Cartes Postales Sonores