Samin Son is a Korean artist working in a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, video, installation and sound with performative strategies.His work has featured in exhibitions throughout New Zealand and on an international platform including Germany, Serbia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, USA and Australia.

He has also organised live music and art events with magazine White Fungus. For Solo 2014 Samin has created a deeply personal performance work based on a 1930s song from the Japanese occupation era of Korea that his grandfather taught him and how this song relates to his own experiences growing up in New Zealand and attending military service in Korea.


Samin Toothpaste 09.jpeg


"South Korea’s ‘Samin Son’ also makes a good sounding point with ‘Pyjamas Party Bonobo’, which gives us a soft electric beat with nightly shimmering background singing and organ-drone; it really gives shape to a late-at-night / early-morning soundtrack for a chill out trip session." 

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